Rose Quartz Vibrating Roller

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Upgrade your daily skin routine with innovative natural Rose Quartz crystal vibrating roller, which works to tone and sculpt the face with the soothing touch of Rose Quartz. Using the roller over your preferred creams and mask will help you maximize the product absorption, as it has the ability to perform over 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute. Sculpt and contour your complexion with toning vibration leaving your skin glowing. Ideal for using morning use to depuff tired skin. The roller provides 2 additional heads for targeted treatment. Use the smaller crystal for targeted treatment around eyes and mouth.

Rose Quartz

Natural Rose Quartz is a crystal which is known for cooling, soothing and ability to ease built-up tension and anxiety, while also promoting the feeling of wellbeing. Leaves your skin glowing.


  • Store in fridge before use for extra cooling
  • Use morning and night for 5-10 minutes
  • Applying masks or creams will maximize product absorption, wait 30 seconds after applying your product and gently run your roller in upwards and outwards direction for a maximum of 5 minutes
  • 5x Jawline workout: Start from the jawline, softly roll upwards towards the ears and under the chin in small strokes
  • 5x Cheeks: Start from jawline and roll up to your cheeks slowly and switch sides
  • Neck workout: Apply the double head on the vibrator and roll up and down vertical strokes to help reduce the wrinkles over the neck for 2 minutes
  • 5x Upper lip workout: Roll between the lips and nose area for 10 sections
  • Forehead workout: Place the vibrating roller between eyebrows and gently roll upwards with small strokes for 1 minute
  • 5x Under eyes: Gently roll under eye in an outward direction
  • Wipe the rose quartz roller crystal only roller clean with a damp cloth after use