Natural Facial Roller Set

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Mighty combo of carefully handpicked Rose Quartz and Jade roller set includes facial roller and Gua Sha sculpts tool. The roller is designed to help deliver a facial massage that will increase the blood circulation and remove unwanted toxins. The facial roller and Gua Sha have been used for centuries as traditional Chinese Beauty Rituals. The Roller and Gua Shah work well together to help improve your everyday beauty regime. Using these tools over your preferred creams and mask will help you maximise the product absorption. The roller provides double-ended for targeted treatment. Use the smaller stone for targeted treatment around eyes and mouth. Natural Jade and Rose Quartz is a crystal which is known for cooling, soothing and ability to ease built-up tension and anxiety.


  • Store in fridge before use for extra cooling
  • Use to gently massage the face
  • Use the roller in outwards direction
  • Rolling over masks and creams will maximize product absorption
  • Use each tool for 5-10 minutes daily for healthy skin
  • Wipe the roller clean with a damp cloth after use