LED Portable Cabin

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A large capacity stunning cosmetic storage box with an LED light fitted mirror. Travel with ease and style with the portable handle and transparent double drawers and internal compartments allowing you to show off your beauty products. Large transparent door and double drawers providing ample room, allows easy access to your everyday essentials, skipping the daily tedious searches.


  • Large makeup organiser with an LED light fitted mirror
  • Internal compartments for skincare and makeup products
  • Side hanging compartments for jewellery with grooves for necklaces and bracelets, vertical holes for hanging earrings and round holes for studded earrings
  • Compartments allow for rotation and expansion
  • Touch activated LED light comes with a three-stage dimming function
  • The cabinet is both waterproof and dustproof making it easy to keep and clean
  • Freely adjustable handle allows portability
  • Large capacity - 45L
Product Size: 30cm x 29cm x 21cm 
Capacity: 45L
Material: Plastic 

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