Double Luxe Cabin

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This luxurious makeup storage cabin is not only the perfect solution to your unorganised makeup drawers but will also bring your entire vanity setup to life with its beautiful and elegant design. With two large partitioned compartments and drawers, this cabin offers enough room for your skincare products, cosmetics and even fragrances. The 360 degree rotating LED mirror comes with a touch automated light switch, with both warm yellow and bright white light options- allowing you to carry out your skincare and makeup routines wherever and whenever. The mirror also comes with a touch automated fan function so that you can do your makeup in even the most humid conditions, making this product ideal for travel purposes! This product is easily recharged through a USB connection on the cabin. The pullover plastic covering provides the perfect protection to prevent your products from collecting dust and also allows you the option to have this placed in your bathroom without cosmetics becoming water damaged. 

Material: Eco-Friendly Plastic
Product size (cm): 31 x 22 x 37.5