Modern Decoration Sculpture Set

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Give A Modern Touch Of Simplicity At Your Home!

The Decoration Sculpture Set spaces. It adds a cool free aura, making it a valuable addition to the existing modern decor collection and a perfect start to a new one.


An Elegant Decor That’s Full Of Dimensional Senses!

This Decoration Sculpture Set is a work of art, an environmentally friendly flower holder that fits perfectly in your house, apartment or work place and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is made of resin, durable workmanship with a lively sculpture ambiance.

What Makes The Decoration Sculpture Set?

  • Great For Decoration: Can give great ambiance and pleasing to the eyes. It can be placed anywhere, decorated in the restaurant, in the side cabinet, in the entrance, etc.
  • Widely Applicable: Can be used in ang living places. Perfect in multiple scenes, bedroom, living room, office etc.
  • Environmental Friendly: The whole shine is calm and perfect as a flower/plant decoration. It offers you a pleasant environment when you are tired.
  • Personalized Decoration: This set of decoration consists of three vases with different kinds of unique appearances and each vase represents a unique personality. 

Elegant, Contemporary and  Stylish!

It guarantees the purity of the colors and the sharpness of every detail. It is exquisite, made beautifully and has protected pads on the underside of the statuette to protect the display surfaces from scratches.